Students Advised

PhD Students

  • Han Chen
  • Tianchu Ji
  • Mallika Rathore (co-advised with Emre Salman)

Masters Thesis Students

  • Jun He

Undergraduate Research

  • Alex Ahandour
  • John Boccio

Senior Design Projects

  • Jacky Cham, Karsten Ma, and Kenneth Ng (2018–2019). Project: FPGA-Based Smart Camera System with Facial Recognition.
  • Ryan Mulhern, Rob Beatty, and Dennis San Lucas (2018–2019). Project: Hardware-Accelerated Public-Key Cryptography for IoT Devices.


Previous Students


  • Qi Qi. 2013–2015. Co-advised with Sangjin Hong. Thesis: High-Performance Partition Based Platform for Multiple Concurrent Applications

Masters Thesis

  • Maria Isabel Mera. 2013–2014. Thesis: Parallel and Flexible Hardware Implementation of Fletcher Checksum.
  • Yujie Wu. 2012–2013. Thesis: Generation of Customized Time Domain FIR Filter Hardware.

Masters Projects

  • Chaoming Tseng. 2018–2019. Project: Recurrent Neural Network Hardware
  • Kewal Raul. 2018. Project: FPGA Hardware/Software Framework
  • Atif Ahangar. 2017–2018. Project: Residual Learning in FPGA
  • Zhaoqi Li. 2017–2018. Project: FPGA Quotient Filter
  • Harman Singh Somal. 2016–2018. Project: FPGA Architectures for Flexible Edge Computing
  • Tianchu Ji. 2016–2017. Project: Deep Learning Accelerators
  • Andrew Javidfar. 2016–2017. Project: FPGA Spectrum Sensing
  • Xuan Chen. 2016. Project: Residual Learning in Hardware
  • Gunjan Shrivastava. 2016. Project: Deep Learning on Embedded Processors
  • Pavan Vyas. 2016. Project: Generating Synthesizable Hardware from Temporal Logic Specifications
  • Kam Hou U. 2015–2016. Project: Deep Learning on FPGA
  • Qipeng Wei. 2015–2016. Project: Generating Hardware from Temporal Logic Formulas
  • Yuhan Li and Zhenyu Xu. 2015. Project: FPGAs for Bioinformatic Processing
  • Aniket Bhor. 2014. Project: Network checksum offload on FPGA.
  • Manini Gunjal. 2014. Project: 2D Convolution on FPGA.
  • Kaumudi Joshi. 2014. Project: Hardware-Software Interfaces on Zynq FPGA.
  • Chavi Rastogi. 2014. Project: FPGA-Based Soft Processors.
  • Pannaga Badarinarayan. 2013. Project: Data compression on FPGA.
  • Jongmun Hwang. 2013. Project: Perceptron Update in Hardware.
  • Deepali Kodagali. 2013. Project: Customized Floating Point Hardware Generation.
  • Santhosh Rupanagudi. 2013. Project: Design-for-test Software Suite
  • Alex Tkatchev. 2013. Project: TCP Network Stack
  • Hantao Xu. 2013. Project: Scalable Cyclic Redundancy Check Hardware.
  • Xiao Yu. 2013. Project: Memcached in Hardware.

Undergraduate Research

  • Bryant Gonzaga and Victor Tellez. Project: Time to Digital Conversion with FPGAs
  • Zhaoqi Li. BE Honors Program, 2016–2017. Stony Brook URECA Summer Research Program 2016. Project: FPGA Accelerators for Bioinformatic Processing.
  • Garrett Bischof. 2012–2013. Project: FIR filter hardware.

Senior Design Projects

  • Abir Hasan Amit and Md. Tamzid Rahman. 2017–2018. Project: Biometric Security System
  • Bryant Gonzaga, Luciana Mueller, and Victor Tellez. 2017–2018. Project: Smart IoT Camera with Built-in Computer Vision Processing Accelerator. (Co-advised with Fan Ye)
  • Matthew Horner. 2017–2018. Project: HW/SW System for Processing Automatic Dependent Surveillance Braodcast (ADS-B) Messages.
  • Aarif Jahan and Yuriy Slashchev. 2017–2018. Project: Automated Encryption of USB Storage Devices.
  • Hsiang-Ju Lai, Alex Lin, and Edward Wang. 2017–2018. Project: Cryptography Accelerator for IoT Devices.
  • Brandon Conklin and Scott Kontak. 2016–2017. Project: Hardware/Software System for Sorting
  • Zhaoqi Li. 2016–2017. Project: FPGA Quotient Filter
  • Louis Mezzich and Chrisopher Rivera. 2016–2017. Project: Hardware/Software for AES Encryption/Decryption
  • Joe Caracciolo, Dominick Fratto, and Anish Kanattu. 2015–2016. Project: Real-Time FPGA Audio Effects Processor
  • Sean Healey and Steven Massaro. 2015–2016. Project: FPGA-Based Stereo Vision Depth Reconstruction
  • Edward Gildersleeve, Valliappan Lakshmanan, Martin Phenix Nunlee, Nicole Pasquino, and Geoffery Ian Rippy. 2015–2016. Project: UAV for Forest Fire Detection
  • Ying Shu Chen and Yuan Fang. 2014–2015. Project: Hash Computation on FPGA
  • Shiwei Fang and Jian Zhang. 2014–2015. Project: HW/SW System for Processing 2D Lidar Signals
  • Dianchen Jiang, Jianwei Qiu, Kam Hou U, Xuhao Yang, and Jing Yu. 2014–2015. Project: Convolutional Neural Network Hardware/Software for Written Digit Recognition
  • Evan Berquist and Raymond Talusan. 2013–2014. Project: FPGA Camera Prototype
  • Jin Huang, James Jr. Iannotto, and Limor Shokrianpour. 2013–2014. Project: FPGA Camera Prototype
  • Xinkun Huang, Jian Yet Lee, Begum Mavruk, Vivek Nelanuthala, and Qi Zhang. 2013–2014. Project: A Brain-Like Microprocessor in an FPGA. (Co-advised with Alex Doboli.)
  • James Huber. Senior Design Project, 2013. Project: 2D Interpolation in Hardware and Software
  • Jeyhan Colon, Asheik Hussain, Chudi Nwasike, Wenjing Wang. Senior Design Project, 2012–2013. Project: FPGA-Based Scale-Invariant Feature Transform Keypoint Detection.
  • Mike Dai. Senior Design Project, 2012–2013. Project: Stereo Vision on FPGA.