New article on hardware reliability to appear in ACM TECS

A new article focusing on hardware implementation of execution stream compression will appear in ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems, in a special issue on Secure and Fault-tolerant Embedded Computing. This paper was co-authored with Maria Isabel Mera (a Stony Brook ECE MS alum, currently a PhD student at NYU), Jonah Caplan and Seyyed Hasan Mozafari (graduate students at McGill University), and Prof. Brett Meyer from McGill. This work was based in part on Maria Isabel Mera’s MS thesis.

“Area, Throughput and Power Trade-offs for FPGA- and ASIC-based Execution Stream Compression.” Maria Isabel Mera, Jonah Caplan, Seyyed Hasan Mozafari, Brett H. Meyer, and Peter Milder. To appear in ACM Trans. on Embedded Computing Systems, 2017.

Abstract: An emerging trend in safety-critical computer system design is the use of compression, e.g., using cyclic redundancy check (CRC) or Fletcher Checksum (FC), to reduce the state that must be compared to verify correct redundant execution. We examine the costs and performance of CRC and FC as compression algorithms when implemented in hardware for embedded safety-critical systems. To do so, we have developed parameterizable hardware generation tools targeting CRC and two novel FC implementations. We evaluate the resulting designs implemented for FPGA and ASIC and analyze their efficiency; while CRC is often best, FC dominates when high throughput is needed.

Please check back later for a pre-print.


This entry was posted on February 14, 2017.