New paper on IP Design Space Search to Appear at DAC 2015

A new paper in collaboration with Michael Papamichael and James C. Hoe of Carnegie Mellon is accepted for publication at the 2015 Design Automation Conference.

Michael Papamichael, Peter Milder, and James C. Hoe. “Nautilus: Fast Automated IP Design Space Search Using Guided Genetic Algorithms.”

Abstract: Today’s crop of parameterized hardware IP generators permit very high degrees of performance and implementation customization. Nevertheless, it is ultimately still left to the IP users to set IP parameters to achieve the desired tuning effects. For the average IP user, the knowledge and effort required to navigate a complex IP’s design space can significantly offset the productivity gain from using the IP. This paper presents an approach that builds into an IP generator an extended genetic algorithm (GA) to perform automatic IP parameter tuning. In particular, we propose extensions that allow IP authors to embed pertinent designer knowledge to improve GA performance. In the context of several IP generators, our evaluations show that (1) GA is an effective solution to this problem and (2) our modified IP-author guided GA can reach the same quality of results up to eight times faster compared to the basic GA.