Monthly Archives: June 2014

ACM TODAES Best Paper Award

My recent paper describing the Spiral Hardware Generation system has been awarded the 2014 ACM TODAES Best Paper Award.

This paper (co-written with Franz Franchetti, James C. Hoe, and Markus Püschel) presents an overview of my work on the Spiral hardware generation framework, a high-level synthesis and optimization engine that produces highly-customized hardware implementations of linear DSP transforms such as the FFT. This award was presented during the awards session at DAC 2014.

You can read the paper here.

MEMOCODE 2014 Design Contest

I am please to announce the 2014 MEMOCODE Design Contest, which begins today and lasts through the month of June.

This year’s contest will be k-Nearest Neighbors with Mahalanobis distance metric. You can read the contest description here, and read more about MEMOCODE 14 here.